​​Tagging Information

Once you have gathered up all of your items you would like to sell, you will need to enter the products' specific information into the easy to use consignor software.  You will log into the software by clicking the Consignor Login on the home page.  Remember, entering your items does not need to be done all at once.  Please check out the Tagging Examples page to see photo samples of tagged items.

Before you start tagging your items, here are some supplies you will need:
- wire hangers - to hang clothes (check you local drycleaner for wire hangers)
- large safety pins (no straight pins)
- Ziploc bags
- zip ties
- packaging tape
- white or beige card stock (60-67lb.) - for printing tags
- tagging gun (optional)

Some helpful things to keep in mind before you start entering your items:

- REMEMBER TO PRICE YOUR ITEMS TO SELL!  Ask yourself, "How much would I be willing to pay for this?"
- You want your items to look their best.  The better they look, the more likely your item will sell.  Take a little extra time to make sure they clean and present nicely.
- Think about grouping similar items together (ie: socks of the same size can be placed in a Ziploc bag and sold as a group).
- If you are trying to make room in your home, think about choosing to sell your items for half price on Sunday (you may choose this option when entering your items in the consignor software).  This is a great way to get shoppers who are looking for last minute savings!
- You can choose whether you would like to pick up any unsold items or if you would like them donated to charity.
- If your items are not tagged correctly, we will ask you to fix them at Drop-Off.
- Please do not place tape over the barcode.
- All items must be priced at a minimum $2.00.  Items can only be priced in $1.00 increments.

Some things to keep in mind:
- The better the clothes look, the better they sell.
- All clothing needs to be secured to the angled arms of the wire hangers with safety pins
- Consider grouping items together.  For example: pair a shirt with a pair of pants, or pair two shirts together.  Please do not group items together if they are not the same size.
- Items such as socks and tights are the only clothing items that can be placed in Ziploc bags.  All other items must be on hangers.

Directions for tagging
- Enter item information into consignor software
- Print out tag
*Note: One time saving tip: Enter all information for items before printing out all tags.  Tags will print 10 on a page.

- Place clothing item on wire hanger.  Curved part of hanger must open to the left, so hanger top looks like a question mark.  Clothing must be secured to hanger using safety pins.  All pant, shorts, and skirts must be pinned to the top angled part of the hanger.
- Tag is adhered to upper right of garment with safety pin or tagging gun.

- All shoes must be zip-tied.

- Hole-punch tag.
- Zip-tie tag to shoe.

- (If it is impossible to zip-tie a pair of shoes you may seal them in a bag or if they are new they may be sold in their original packaging.)

DVD's, Games and Puzzles
-DVD's, games, and puzzles need to be sealed closed.  Please use some packaging tape to ensure they remain sealed. (If you are selling a puzzle that does not have a box, please place the puzzle in a Ziploc bag and seal shut.  If puzzle is too large to fit in 1 bag, you may need to get creative and use multiple plastic bags or a large clear bag fit to size.
-Adhere tag directly to front of item with packaging tape.  Do not cover bar code.

            Single book
            -Tag may be directly adhered to item with packaging tape.  Do not cover bar code.

            Group of books
            - Place all books in Ziploc bag.  To ensure the bag does not open, please seal the 

              top of the bag with packaging tape.
            - Adhere tag directly to front of bag with packaging tape.  Do not cover bar code.

              (Note: while it is not required, it may be helpful if you include a list of the books in

              your bag.  This will help the buyer see what books are included.

- Tags can be directly adhered to most toys with packaging tape.  Do not cover bar code.
- Think about grouping like toys together (ie: a bag of assorted play figurines).  These items can be placed in a Ziploc bag and sealed shut.  Adhere tag directly to bag.  Do not cover bar code.
- If you have a large toy that contains multiple pieces, we suggest placing the small, loose pieces in a Ziploc bag and zip tie the bag to your toy.  Please label the Ziploc bag with your consignor # and item # in case they become separated.  Adhere tag directly to the large toy with packaging tape.  Do not cover bar code.

- These items should be placed in clear plastic bags (ie: comforter bags, space bags, large clear bags) and sealed shut.
- Adhere tag directly to bag with packaging tape.  Do not cover bar code.

Large Items
- Tags may be directly adhered to items with packaging tape.  Do no cover bar code.

Please Note:
- Any item considered LARGE (big/bulky item that is cumbersome to carry while shopping) will need a Big Item Claim ticket attached to the product.

Remember...if you have any questions about tagging let us know!  We will be happy to answer any questions!

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