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Children's Consignment Sale

All shoes must be zip-tied.  Hole-punch tag and zip-tie tag to shoe.

Tags can be adhered directly to toys.  Just make sure they are secure.  One helpful hint is to place your consignor number on masking tape and adhere it to the item.  This will help us incase your tag becomes separated from the item.  

Books can be sold separately or bundled together.  If you are bundling books, it is a good idea to secure them in a sealed plastic bag.  Another idea is to bind them together with strong twine/string or ribbon.  If you bundle books, one helpful idea is to place an index card on the back of the package listing the books included.  This will help shoppers see what books are included.

This is a book bundled with strong string.

An example of a clothing item tagged with a tagging gun through the armpit seam.

Here is an example of a big claim ticket.  They will need to be attached to big/bulky items or items over $20.  The tag has an upper portion and lower portion.  You will need to print a tag to attach to the lower portion of the big claim ticket.  You will also need to fill out the top portion of the big claim ticket.  Shoppers who want to buy your item will take the bottom portion to checkout & then pick up the item after they have paid.

These are some of the supplies you will need for tagging.

This is an example of a hat and mitten set.  Items that are sold as a set, or have multiple pieces should be placed in ziplock bags.  This is a great way to ensure the items stay together.  Don't forget to seal the top of the bag closed with packaging tape.  When adhering tag to item, do not place tape over barcode.

An example of a clothing item tagged with a tagging gun through the size tag.

An example of a single clothing item.

Here is what it looks like from the back.

Here is an example of a shirt and pants outfit.  Both items are secured to the hanger with safety pins, the hanger opens to the left, and the tag is secured in the upper right of the garment.

Sometimes, you may want to consider bundling a few items.  Here is an example of two shirts sold together.  Both shirts are secured to the hanger using safety pins.

Here is an example of an item with multiple pieces.  The small items are in a sealed ziplock bag and are zip tied to the larger item.  The consignor number is attached to the larger item.  This is also useful for toys with multiple pieces.  Sometimes you may need to get creative when securing all of your items together.  Zip ties are very helpful.

​​Tagging Examples

A view from the back.

This is an example of an item being sold as a set.