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Children's Consignment Sale

​​Pricing Guide

-The most important thing to remember is to PRICE YOUR ITEM TO SELL.    
- Ask yourself “How much would I be willing to pay for this?”    
- In general, items should be priced between 30%-75% of the retail price.

  When determining your price, take into account the brand, age, and

  condition of your item.      
- A helpful idea for determining the price of larger items is to search the

  internet to find current retail prices.
- Here are some helpful guidelines for pricing clothing:
          - Discount Department Store brands (items retail for less than $10) -      

            resale at $2-$5
          - Chain Clothing Store brands (items retail for $10-$20) - resale at $4-$10
          - Upscale Clothing and Boutiques - resale at 25%-35% of the retail price
          - Single items can be priced at lower end of the scale; multiple items  

            (example: outfits) can be priced at higher end of the scale.
- Consider charging a little more for items that are:
          - New with tags (NWT)/Never opened
          - Dressy items
          - Clothing sets
          - Rare items
          - Brand name items
          - Large items
          - Items in excellent condition
- Consider charging a little less for items that are:
          - Items in good condition
          - Older toys
          - Casual clothing  
- Discounting your item for 1/2 price day is a great way to get last minute 

  shoppers who are looking for a great deal.