Let's Grow Together

Children's Consignment Sale

​​Drop Off And Pick Up

Drop Off is on Thursday, August 17th and Pick Up is on Sunday, August 20th from 3:15PM to 5PM.

All consignors will need to schedule a time for drop off through the consignor software.
Before you drop off your items
     - Please be sure all items are tagged according to our guidelines.  Please refer to the

       tagging information for guidelines.
     - Make sure all clothes are organized by size and gender.  This will help the check in

       process be as efficient as possible.
     - When packing up your items to bring to the sale, it is helpful to keep like items

       together (ie: place all toys in one box, all books in another).  This will help make the

       check in process very efficient.

Drop Off Procedure
     - Please arrive about 5-10 minutes prior to your check in time.
     - Bring your inventory report with you to check-in at the designated table prior to

       unloading your car.
     - Pick up your consignor pre-sale wristband.  If you are volunteering, you will pick up

       your volunteer pre-sale wristband.
     - Once all of your items are checked, they are ready to be placed on the sales floor.  We

       will have volunteers who will help place your items on the sales floor, but each

       consignor will need to help with this process as well.  When scheduling your check-in

       time, please keep this in mind.

Pick Up Procedure
     - If you are not donating your items to charity, you may come pick them up during the

       Pick Up time.  
     - Check-in at the designated table when you arrive
     - Please bring a bag or basket to help you with Pick Up
     - All items left at the close of pickup will be donated to a local charity

     - If you would like to donate your unsold items to charity, it’s simple.  When you are

       entering your items in the consignor software, just choose the option to donate.  Any

       unsold item will automatically be donated to a local charity that helps families in